At PT Kemas Indah Maju, in collaboration with INOAC, we are deeply committed to advancing eco-friendly practices in our cosmetic puff production. Our Natural Whipped NBR Puff is a testament to this commitment, combining superior performance with innovative, environmentally conscious technologies.

Eco-Friendly Production Methods

The production process of the Natural Whipped NBR Puff integrates several key innovations from INOAC patents JP6377960B2, JP6352058B2, and JP6352096B2, which emphasize environmental sustainability:

  1. Advanced Stabilizers: INOAC utilize polyethyleneimine and its derivatives as stabilizers in place of traditional trimethylamine base. This substitution significantly reduces the environmental impact by minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. These stabilizers also contribute to creating a finer, more uniform cell structure in the latex foam, enhancing the quality and durability of our puffs.
  2. Optimized Additives: The patented methods incorporate specific surfactants and softeners that are less harmful to the environment. By carefully selecting these additives, we ensure that our production process aligns with eco-friendly standards, reducing the ecological footprint of our manufacturing operations.
  3. Reduced Waste: INOAC innovative production techniques, derived from these patents, focus on efficient material use and waste minimization. This includes precise mixing and foaming processes that maximize the utilization of raw materials, thereby reducing waste and conserving resources.

INOAC and PT Kemas Indah Maju’s Environmental Commitment

Both PT Kemas Indah Maju and INOAC share a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Our collaborative efforts are guided by principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility:

  • Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize the use of sustainably sourced materials in our production processes. This commitment ensures that the raw materials used in our puffs do not contribute to environmental degradation or depletion of natural resources.
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities incorporate advanced technologies that reduce energy consumption and minimize emissions. By continually improving our processes, we strive to lower our carbon footprint and promote a healthier environment.
  • Product Longevity: The Natural Whipped NBR Puff is designed for durability and long-term use, reducing the frequency of replacement and, consequently, the environmental impact associated with frequent disposal and repurchasing of cosmetic puffs.

A Prestige Product with a Purpose

The Natural Whipped NBR Puff not only offers superior performance and luxury but also embodies our dedication to utilizing environmental concepts in product development. By choosing our puffs, consumers can enjoy a high-quality cosmetic applicator that is gentle on the skin and the planet.

PT Kemas Indah Maju and INOAC are proud to lead the way in environmentally responsible cosmetic puff production. The Natural Whipped NBR Puff is a shining example of how innovation and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand, delivering a product that meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Discover more about our eco-friendly initiatives and premium cosmetic puffs at Kemas PKG and INOAC Puff Solutions. Join us in embracing a greener future with the Natural Whipped NBR Puff.

What is Polyethyleneimine?

Polyethyleneimine (PEI) is a polymer with a high density of amine groups, making it highly reactive and versatile. It is used as a stabilizer in various applications, including water treatment, paper manufacturing, and as an adhesive. PEI’s ability to form stable complexes with metal ions and its high cationic charge density make it useful in producing high-quality latex foams with fine cell structures, as seen in advanced cosmetic puffs.

What is Trimethylamine?

Trimethylamine (TMA) is an organic compound with a strong, fishy odor. It is commonly used as a precursor in the synthesis of various chemicals, including quaternary ammonium compounds and plant growth regulators. In latex foam production, TMA serves as a traditional stabilizer, though its use is declining due to its potential environmental and health impacts.

Harmful Chemicals, what is includes?

Harmful chemicals are substances that pose a risk to health and the environment. These include toxic, corrosive, flammable, and environmentally persistent compounds. In industrial processes, reducing the use of harmful chemicals is crucial for safety and sustainability. Examples include certain heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other hazardous substances that can lead to pollution and adverse health effects.