The inaugural day of Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients 2024 (ICI 2024) was nothing short of electric, and the KEMASPKG booth, situated at 41-43, was right at the heart of the excitement. The exhibition hall buzzed with anticipation as visitors streamed in, their energy palpable from the moment the doors swung open.

The grand opening of ICI 2024 was graced by none other than the Indonesian Minister of Industry, Dr. Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, M.Si. His visit to the Cedefindo booth set the tone for the day, marking the importance of innovation and sustainability in the cosmetics industry. The crowd, eager to explore the latest in cosmetic packaging, flocked to KEMASPKG’s booth, intrigued by the promise of cutting-edge solutions and eco-friendly initiatives.

Within the first two hours, the KEMASPKG booth was a hive of activity. Conversations flowed seamlessly, punctuated by exclamations of interest and curiosity. Attendees were particularly captivated by the “Pink Beach Inspiration,”. This initiative, with its catchy slogan “Embrace Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Sustainable Glow,” showcased a range of products inspired by the serene beauty of Indonesia’s pink beaches. The collaboration highlighted not just aesthetic appeal, but a commitment to sustainability, which resonated deeply with the environmentally conscious audience.

Adding to the allure of KEMASPKG’s offerings was their partnership with INOAC, introducing the Natural Whipped NBR Puff. This innovative product garnered much attention for its unique composition and potential applications in cosmetic packaging. Visitors marveled at its texture and functionality, appreciating the blend of natural ingredients and advanced technology.

Meanwhile, on the Sustainable Innovations, KEMASPKG continued to draw significant interest. The introduction of the “Kemas Limestone Blend” at ICI 2024 was a testament to the potential of sustainable packaging solutions. This innovative blend, designed for cosmetic packaging, showcased the fusion of traditional materials with modern, eco-friendly alternatives. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many industry professionals keen to learn more about its applications and benefits.

The first day at ICI 2024 set a high bar, with KEMASPKG’s booth 41-43 standing out as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. As the event progresses, it is clear that KEMASPKG is not just participating in the industry’s future but actively shaping it, one sustainable solution at a time.