As the sun rises over Jakarta, the anticipation for the Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients (ICI) 2024 exhibition reaches a fever pitch. Set to commence tomorrow at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEP), this event promises to be a landmark in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Today, PT Kemas Indah Maju is meticulously preparing to showcase their innovative products and sustainable solutions.

The theme for KEMASPKG at this year’s exhibition is inspired by the ethereal beauty of Lombok’s Pink Beach, aligning perfectly with booth aesthetic. “The concept draws from Pink Beach in Lombok to match the natural spirit. For this exhibition, we are taking pink nature beauty ambience of Pink Beach. The theme for KEMASPKG remains focused on sustainability,” explains Iis Istriana, Marketing Manager of PT Kemas Indah Maju. “The Indonesian government has regulations prohibiting the use of styrene materials. So this time, we are introducing Kemas Limestone Blend packaging and also introducing the Natural Whipped NBR Puff, developed by KEMASPKG and INOAC, to boost its sales.”

The Natural Whipped NBR Puff stands as a testament to KEMASPKG’s commitment to utilizing environmental and innovative beauty solutions. This prestigious cosmetic innovation not only adheres to the latest environmental standards but also exemplifies the company’s dedication to quality and excellence in the beauty industry.

As preparations continue throughout the day, the excitement among the team is palpable. The KEMASPKG booth, adorned with hues reminiscent of Lombok’s iconic beach, is set to captivate visitors with its blend of natural beauty and cutting-edge cosmetic ingredients.

We invite all beauty enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious minds to join us at the ICI 2024 exhibition. Visit the KEMASPKG booth to experience firsthand the remarkable innovations that are shaping the future of cosmetics. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the unveiling of products that prioritize both beauty and sustainability.

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Join us in celebrating a new era of sustainable beauty at booth 41-43 ICI 2024. We are located next to the Café. See you at the JIEP!

KEMASPKG Here in ICI 2024