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A New Plastic Sleeve Gives Lipstick a New Look

Another way that a brand might give a traditional lipstick case an eye-catching look is by decorating the sleeve that holds the bullet. PT Kemas/Kemas USA is offering brands a way to do this more easily, with its new plastic sleeve designed for lipstick bullets.

Since the sleeve is plastic, rather than traditional aluminum, there are many more cost-efficient design options. “A typical all-metal lipstick sleeve can limit a brand’s decorating options, especially when costs are considered,” says Darren Eade, vice president of sales, Kemas USA.

Plastic sleeves have existed for a long time, but they never looked prestige, according to Eade. “Our new design is a game-changer,“ he says.

Eade explains that plastic sleeves for lipstick are traditionally cylindrically shaped, with a sharp edge at the top. Kemas’ new design has a top edge that mimics the rolled look of an aluminum sleeve. “The way we designed our top edge is a true innovation because it gives a plastic sleeve a more upscale look and feel,” he says.

The plastic sleeve looks identical to an aluminum one, and Eade says the only way to tell the difference is by feeling the temperature of the material. It can be decorated using just about any process, including hot stamping and silk screening. “A brand now has the opportunity to create a striking lipstick package that will look different from everything else on the market. Choosing a clear cap would show off a decorated sleeve in an eye-catching way,” he adds.

Eade says Kemas has been working with brands that plan to use this plastic sleeve, and he expects it to be in production within the next six months—and will probably hit store shelves by the middle or end of 2016.

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