The MEKALOC™ mechanism was created by PT Kemas Indah Maju ( A Refillable, Recyclable PET Mono-material Mechanism that prevents the bullet’s formulation from being swiveled up unless the Mekaloc™ is snapped into its Base Fashion Part. Kemas currently have 3 types of MEKALOC™ Design to support different hot pour formulation SKUs for the Brands.

What sets your product apart and why is it innovative?

Refillable mechanisms are not new, but the conventional form often decreases brand sales because some consumers buy only the refilled cartridge. This wouldn’t cut plastic trash either since people will buy as many refillable plastic products as possible.

The MEKALOC™ mechanism only works when snapped into the fashion part base, which encourages consumers to buy the fashion component and reduces brand sales loss. Focusing on fashion can improve brand loyalty.

We expect this would reduce plastic pollution by making consumers more loyal to products that only toss away the PET mechanism. And since PET is the most recycled plastic in the world, we hope would have an impact on reducing the non-biodegradable waste we put in the environment.

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