Cosmopack Award 2022, Bologna – Italy, KEMAS Packaging Using 60% Limestone Materials, today (April 6th, 2022) – has been selected as a finalist among more than 600 total entries on Cosmopack Award, curated in partnership with BEAUTYSTREAMS. It is beauty news.

A truly 360-degree approach to sustainability, a product that encompasses sustainable, recyclable, bio, and reusable technologies all in one.

Beauty Packaging Components injected using innovative patented recyclable material called Limex which consists of at least 60% limestone coated with Musashi BioPaint produced using natural raw materials such as castor seeds and corn for fodder, sugar cane, canola flower, pine resin, etc.

Technical details

LIMEX Material consists of more than 60 percent Limestone with PP binders. BioPaint: Inclined towards environmental protection Renewable raw materials are included more than 25% in the dry film. The purpose is to reduce the emission of Carbon dioxide. It helps to reduce the consumption of fossil resources because of the worries that these resources will run out. Solvent-borne basecoat and clear topcoat system. Bio-based paint can be applied the same as Conventional solvent-borne paint. Spray condition, drying condition, etc. in painting is also the same as conventional paint.

Why our product is innovative?

Elegant and high-quality containers resulted from a new innovative production process and materials that drastically cut carbon emissions by, at least, 50% less than current market offerings. Using materials and decorations substances that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

All the materials are carefully chosen to build a product that answers the most pressing needs of the modern environmentally conscious market. Functionally excellent and competitively priced. Represents the start of a range of product that will deliver the same advantages across a broad spectrum of cosmetic and personal care packaging, and ultimately drive change in-to the market and consumer behavior.

How does our product comply with the evaluation criteria the Cosmopack Award?

Due to its nature consist of more than 50% limestone, It is a more ecofriendly material in compare to any types of plastic. By REACH standard, it is not considered a polymer since more than 50% is made out of CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate). The production of Limex Material uses lower GHG from mining the limestone and the making of the material. Limex Material reduces the need for petroelum based materials. Limex price are more stable in compare to petroleum based material. Limex packaging reduce the dumping of plastic in the environment. Limex sheets can be recycled into Limex pellets.

The advantage of BioPaint : It uses raw materials made from plants, whereas most of the raw materials in ordinary paints are made from petroleum. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions in the final product can be reduced.

Refillable Packaging : It reduces the amount of plastic waste we dump into the environment.

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