For almost 42 years, Kemas has been a family-owned and operated business serving the global beauty packaging industry. Over the past four decades, we’ve grown from a small lipstick box maker to an industry leader, expanding our expertise to include everything from simple to complex beauty packaging designs, accumulating eight patents, more than fifteen mechanisms for swiveling packaging, hundreds of house mold portfolios, an advanced production flow system, automation, and a workforce of two thousand.

In our line of work, creating plastic packaging, we cannot escape the moral ambiguity of knowing that our products will remain in the environment indefinitely. However, progress toward better and cleaner packaging is difficult to achieve because it must be driven by all parties.

Dina K Dinata
Dina K. Dinata – Business Development Director
PT Kemas Indah Maju

Over the past five years, we’ve made significant strides in areas like sustainable materials, mold development strategy, and product design (but still look and feel premium). Along the process, we come across LIMEX from TBM and feel that we may be onto something with its physical properties.

The Research and Development Group was formed to assess LIMEX’s effectiveness in the cosmetics packaging market and its ecological footprint in comparison to traditional plastic resin. As a result, one of the largest and best-known firm groups in the Luxury Consumer Group Industry is planning to debut in 2023, solidifying LIMEX’s position as a viable alternative solution for sustainability.

To expand LIMEX’s reach into new markets, we are now conducting a stability performance test with at least seven additional major Beauty Brands.

A lot happens this year. This is a very interesting time period. The plastics and materials sectors will never be the same after this year. Companies like TBM are critically important because they can drive innovation, generate materials or ideas that can change the planet, and provide hope for a more sustainable future.