The concept of refillable lipstick was conceived as an innovative proposal that combines the need for a make-up accessory of luxury and design with a solution that is friendly to the environment and offers immediate benefits in terms of consumption. The lipstick can be refilled with the desired amount of product. The packaging of the lipstick is a precious and aesthetically pleasing shell that not only ensures the identification of the Brand but also adorns a practical interior that has essential safeguarding characteristics.

How can these two core roles be maintained while adopting a solution that is in favor of environmental sustainability and the new standards of the market in terms of eco-design? Keeping these two functions in balance is a challenge.

Because of the refill system itself, the idea of REFILL has evolved into the best possible answer for the problem of how to construct a container that can be reused an infinite number of times. In terms of its construction, the lipstick consists of a cap, a base, and a mechanism that houses the bullet. This mechanism is detachable and allows for the lipstick to be refilled. The lipstick can be imagined of as being made of a single material or as being made of a combination of aluminum and plastic in an innovative combination of sophistication and practicality.

One simple action is all that is required to give the make-up accessory a fresh start and replace the mechanism that houses the bullet. The consumer receives a refill system that is tailored to her preferences and satisfies a vision of make-up that is becoming increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The best thing about refillable cartridge lipstick is that you can buy different shades for different occasion, different season, different mood at a cheaper price since you are only buying the refillable cartridge instead of the whole packaging.

PT. Kemas Indah Maju