We are so excited for Cosmoprof Italy 2022!!! – PT. Kemas Indah Maju (KEMAS) introduces a revolution in alternative plastic materials that are sourced from nature and retain ubiquitous availability in nature. An invention that KEMAS believes would be a solution to various pollution caused by plastic while maintaining the sustainability of the earth.

KEMAS has carried out various internal research, doing various products using this revolutionary material and in combination with bio-paint coatings. Detail examining the quality and precision, until we come to the conclusion that we have never found material as good and natural as this.

Beauty Packaging with 60% Limestone Material with Bio-paint Coating, is the main headline that KEMAS brings to COSMOPROF 2022. We want to keep the earth sustainable; we want to start our big step to keep the world sustainable as many UN campaigns for our child and grandchild’s future.

KEMAS believes can save the earth; we can start big strides. The earth has loved us, nature has taken care of us, now let’s love the earth back. Let’s do it one step at a time properly.

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