In a proactive move towards fostering a sustainable future, Kemas Europe GmbH proudly announces its acceptance as a member of the Prevent Waste Alliance. With a strong commitment to promoting a circular economy, Kemas Europe joins a global coalition of organizations from diverse sectors, including the private sector, academia, civil society, and public institutions. This esteemed alliance, launched in May 2019 in Germany, serves as a collaborative platform for international cooperation, fostering innovative solutions to tackle waste and foster a functioning circular economy on a global scale.

The Prevent Waste Alliance, initiated and backed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), has grown into a powerful force for positive change. It brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including key players in recycling, packaging, and innovation, from all corners of the world. Through dynamic international cooperation, the alliance envisions a comprehensive transition towards a sustainable circular economy that benefits both the environment and society.

Building a Functional Circular Economy:

Kemas Europe GmbH, with its extensive experience in plastics, packaging, and various business sectors, is well-positioned to play a vital role in advancing the goals of the Prevent Waste Alliance. The company acknowledges the pressing need to address waste management challenges and preserve precious resources. By actively participating in the alliance’s activities, Kemas Europe aims to contribute innovative solutions and collaborate with like-minded organizations that share the vision of a sustainable future.

A Platform for Exchange and Cooperation:

Through its membership in the Prevent Waste Alliance, Kemas Europe gains access to an extensive network of experts, knowledge, and resources. The platform facilitates the exchange of ideas, best practices, and technological advancements to create a more effective waste management system globally. This allows Kemas Europe to enrich its own practices while offering valuable insights to the alliance, promoting a continuous cycle of learning and improvement.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

Kemas Europe understands the critical importance of engaging and inspiring the younger generation in the journey towards sustainability. The alliance provides an ideal platform for Kemas Europe to connect with young individuals, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment. By utilizing engaging and informative content, Kemas Europe aims to captivate the attention of the youth and encourage them to be active participants in sustainable initiatives and the circular economy.

A Focus on Innovation and Packaging:

As a member of the Prevent Waste Alliance, Kemas Europe places special emphasis on addressing plastic waste and promoting responsible packaging practices. With the global plastic waste crisis affecting our oceans and ecosystems, Kemas Europe is dedicated to conserving resources, Preventing plastic waste, and developing effective recycling systems for plastic packaging. Emphasizing product design and the use of recycled materials, the company adopts a holistic approach to minimize plastic waste and maximize resource reuse.

Empowering Informal Sectors:

Recognizing the vital role of informal waste collectors in waste management, Kemas Europe actively supports initiatives that empower and involve these essential contributors. By collaborating with the informal sector, the alliance seeks to formalize their involvement, recognizing their efforts, and integrating them into sustainable waste management practices. This inclusivity ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to waste management, leaving no one behind in the pursuit of a circular economy.

Promoting Responsible Producer Practices:

Kemas Europe firmly believes in the principle of producer responsibility for the waste generated by their products. As part of the Prevent Waste Alliance, the company advocates for initiatives that encourage producers to adopt sustainable practices and establish take-back and recycling systems for packaging waste. By supporting sustainable financing mechanisms, Kemas Europe aims to ensure that the costs of waste management are fairly distributed and producers are incentivized to act responsibly throughout the entire product life cycle.

Kemas Europe’s membership in the Prevent Waste Alliance signifies the company’s dedication to driving positive change on a global scale. Beyond addressing plastic waste and packaging, Kemas Europe actively participates in initiatives aimed at managing waste from electrical and electronic equipment. Through collaborative efforts with partners from various industries, the company serves as a catalyst for sustainable practices, inspiring change and demonstrating the power of collective action in achieving a circular economy.


Kemas Europe GmbH’s acceptance into the Prevent Waste Alliance marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards creating a sustainable future. With its expertise in plastics, packaging, and various sectors, Kemas Europe is poised to make a meaningful impact within the alliance’s collaborative framework. By engaging with the younger generation and promoting responsible practices, Kemas Europe strives to inspire future leaders to take action in the global pursuit of sustainability. Through its partnership with the Prevent Waste Alliance, Kemas Europe and its fellow members aim to lead the way towards a world where waste is minimized, resources are cherished, and the circular economy flourishes for generations to come.