Today (06/20) TBM Japan is visiting KEMAS plant to commend the development of beauty packaging applications related to LIMEX material. Their visit representing by Mr. Daiki Sato and Mr. Des Wibowo. Through this visit, both TBM and KEMAS are committed to broadly introducing the various advantages of this material made from limestone (LIMEX).

An implementation of LIMEX (limestone-based) material that we used on our Double Injection Molding facilities and its development. KEMAS highlights the application of this 60% limestone raw material in beauty packaging products.

KEMAS, we have 40 years of experience. Through KEMAS high-end technology that is applied in our manufacturing, we hoped might directing our international and domestic beauty brand clients to align the sustainability of nature by using beauty packaging made from up to 60% limestone.

Limestone-based material itself has gone through development and testing in the KEMAS manufacture and has been implemented both through our single-injection molding and double-injection molding machines and of course, has gone through various stages of quality control that are quite strict. We carry out various quality tests to ensure that we provide the best quality and precision as we have presented so far.

LIMEX (by TBM Japan) itself has the characteristics of a heavier and more solid material, so besides having an elegant and sturdy appearance, it also has sustainability and recyclability. It is truly friendly to the environment. KEMAS hopes to become one of the leading companies that implement sustainability and care for the earth.

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