PT KEMAS is a fully integrated Global Beauty Packaging manufacturer with factories located in Indonesia, Taiwan and China, with sales office around the world. Since 1980, Kemas has built itself a reputation for delivering high quality components and service to its customers around the world.

Our factory and equipment are built with ‘QUALITY’ in mind. Utilizing European and Japanese technology, we have incorporated state of the art injection molding machines, metal manufacturing facilities, in-house workshop, dedicated in-house product, process, and automation engineers, automation assembly and unique decoration capabilities.

The latest addition to the family is our metal plant. In response to the market, more cosmetic brands prefer to have metal parts because they give luxurious touch, exclusiveness to packaging, and safe for direct contact with formulations. Kemas sees this opportunity to serve customers better and offer more cosmetic packaging options.

After an extensive feasibility study, we established our metal plant in 2019. Kemas metal plant produces parts of cosmetic packaging, such as: sleeve, cap, ring, shell, etc. Our in-house metal productions include workshop, stamping, polishing anodizing and quality control. We commit to give the best options and quality to valued customers.

For customers seeking ‘full turnkey’ solutions Kemas also provide in-house filling capabilities on soft pour formulations. Our formulations are developed in Indonesia, Japan, Italy and Taiwan by respected long-time partners in cosmetic industry.

As a leading premier source of quality innovative cosmetic packaging, Kemas is known for smooth lipstick mechanism and advanced mechanical system in cosmetic packaging. Throughout the years, Kemas has established itself as one of the World’s leading suppliers of Lipstick cases or packaging with precision molding mechanism function. In support of our commitment to ensuring customers stay ahead of the competition Kemas continually advancing our technology and know-how through extensive Research and Development. We are the first one who introduced the triple metal anodization, twist-to-open airtight compact, and In-Mold Labelling Decoration capabilities.

Our latest product development is mono-material, recyclable and refillable cosmetic packaging. They are easier to recycle and/or able to be utilized multiple times, a friendlier approach to our environment.

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