The balance and sustainability of nature have become the most eccentric topic in recent decades. Recycling is one of the solutions introduced and used by many parties as a solution to the excessive consumption of plastic in packaging. Starting from the simple use of plastic in everyday life to various packaging for the production of cosmetics, medical, food and beverage.

PT. Kemas Indah Maju (pt.kemas), who has been involved in cosmetic and medical packaging since 1979, realizes how much we really need a greener solution than recycling. The fact that plastic can be recycled but will still create air pollution due to its toxic gases and some plastics that remain unusable – makes us feel that the recycling paradigm still creates other pollution in the future. We have carried out various developments and researches over the years, both internally and together with our colleagues.

Finally, a few years ago came a revolutionary discovery from our colleague TBM Corporation Japan. A GREEN solution that comes from nature. Solutions that do not leave residues of other problems both in terms of nature, availability, and application.

LIMESTONE-BASED PACKAGING is the answer for PT. Kemas to stay competitive and provide our best supply for consumers and customers. Providing high quality without sacrificing nature. LIMEX is an alternative to using plastic in our beauty-packaging production.

A GREEN revolution, and gave us confidence. Earth has loved us, it is time to love it back.

PT.Kemas began to introduce “Beauty Packaging Using 60% Limestone Material” in various exhibitions both at home and abroad. PT.Kemas believes that limestone – the ubiquitous material in the world is the perfect solution. It will be the future of the packaging industry.