Human Resources development at PT Kemas Indah Maju also received special attention. We routinely conduct training and knowledge development for employees and supervisors. KEMAS workers are a very valuable asset to us. We are fully aware that our technology cannot run optimally without the ability and knowledge of the operators.

Yesterday (22/6) in Plan 4 – one of the production companies we have, Education and Training on “Company Business Ethics” was held. A discussion that is certainly very important for KEMAS human resources so that they can understand and apply it. The education and training that we carry out will refer to company policies that are in accordance with the standards that we have obtained. Not only about the company’s business ethics, but we also provide education and training for the personal development of workers in their careers. Provide the widest opportunity for them to pursue a career path in the future with PT Kemas Indah Maju. Cultivate a better sense of ownership and responsibility in the future.

The discussion of Corporate Business Ethics this time was brought by Eliyas Tri Priyaatmaja (Pak El) as Plan 4 Human Resource Assistant Manager for approximately 2 hours. An education on business ethics that was presented in an interesting way and interspersed with laughter by him.