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TBM Co., Ltd. is with PT. Kemas Indah Maju (Headquarters: Indonesia, President Director: Urip Tjendera, hereafter PT. Kemas), which is the largest cosmetic container molding manufacturer in Indonesia and handles products from major cosmetic manufacturers in Japan and around the world. We have signed a sales contract for injection molding grade of “LIMEX Pellet” for cosmetic containers.

LIMEX Pellet, which contains more than 50% of inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate, can reduce the amount of petroleum-derived plastics used by up to 37% and reduce CO2 emissions that cause climate change by up to 28% compared to petroleum-derived plastics. can do. * 1 Compared to petroleum, limestone, which is the main raw material of LIMEX, has less price fluctuations, so it can be provided at a stable price, and it is made of ABS resin and polypropylene (PP) used in many cosmetic containers. It can be used as an alternative material. In addition, since the main raw material of LIMEX is limestone, it is possible to realize a high-quality texture and a profound feeling with a matte, and it is planned to be adopted by major cosmetic brands worldwide.

In order to meet the accelerating needs for reducing environmental burdens in the cosmetics industry, LIMEX’s environmental performance and price competitiveness have been evaluated and cosmetic containers have been evaluated, taking into consideration the quality of major domestic and global cosmetic brands handled by PT. Kemas. We have signed a sales contract for LIMEX Pellet for (compact, cosmetic jar containers, injection molded products such as lips). In the future, we will contribute to solving the environmental problems of the cosmetics industry through the spread of cosmetic containers using LIMEX Pellet.

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